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Item Price: $16.00
Item Number: RM12439CD

By Cathy Bollinger!
Music Therapy CD.Ãà A delightful collection of songs sure to inspire healthy habits at home and at school!Ãà Eat healthy foods!Ãà Move your body!Ãà Keep those germs away!Ãà Keep your attitude positive!Ãà Sing and move to I Can Do It, A Sip of Water, Get Your Sleep and much more. Ages 2-7.

Song Titles:
1.  Brushing Up and Down
2.  I Can Eat Like a Bunny
3.  The Alphabet Bop
4.  Everyone Makes Mistakes Sometimes
5.  So Many Ways To Move
6. There’s a Rainbow On My Plate
7.  Get Your Sleep
8. Scrub-a-Dub + Squeaky Clean Hands
9.  A Sip of Water
10. What’s On Your Plate?
11. When You Sneeze
12. I Can Do It
13. Healthy Foods
14. Big Hands, Little Hands
15. Clap and Stop
16. I’m Breathing Like the Wind
17. Five Fruits and Vegetables
18. Have a Good Day
+ Bonus tracks for kids to fill in the
blanks with their favorite healthy