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Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: EA68CD

8 easy song and movement games teach beginning square dance patterns. Cotton-Eyed Joe, Oh Belinda, Shoo Fly, Turkey In The Straw, Comin Round the Mountain and more.

Song List

  1.  Honor Your Partner - Cotton-Eyed Joe
  2.  Circle Left/Right and Into The Center
       And Back - Oh Belinda
  3.  Swing Your Partner and Circle -
       Turkey In The Straw
  4.  Into The Center and Back and Swing Your
       Partner - Shoo Fly
  5.  Promenade and Square Your Set - Irish
  6.  Forward and Back and Swing Your
       Corner/Partner - Comin' Round the Mountain
  7.  Do-Sa-Do and Promenade - Hinkey Dinkey
  8.  Allemande Left/Right and Star -
       Captain Jinks
  9.  Hoedown (Spoken Calls)
10. Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Singing Calls)