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 Georgiana Stewart

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Multicultural Rhythm Stick Activities
Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun
Item Price: $15.95

This CD offers multicultural awareness and rhythmic activities using rhythm sticks. A Kimbo best seller, these authentic folk tunes and songs from around the world set the stage for easy rhythm stick activities.

Childrens Folk Dances
Children's Folk Dances
Item Price: $15.95

A cross-cultural collection of popular and unusual folk dances covers the world from America to Scotland, Korea, Russia, Switzerland and other countries. Extend the curriculum with dances and creative play.

Item Price: $15.95

(Ages 8-12) Kick up your heels to fun tunes that are unmistakeably country! Gallop, lasso, stomp, ans swing. Easy steps and routines. Activities designed for use with 12' or 24' parachutes.

Preschool Aerobic Fun
Preschool Aerobic Fun
Item Price: $15.95

By Georgiana Stewart, Ages 3 to 6. This classic Kimbo title has long been valued for activities that help pave the way to aerobic fitness skills. Guide with lyrics and activities.

Rhythm Stick Activity Fun
Item Price: From $12.50 to $15.95

An energetic, fun way to develop rhythm, listening skills, coordination & perceptual motor skills. Group, partner & individual routines feature vocal instructions that announce the stick actions, step patterns & body movements.

Rhythm Sticks Rock
Item Price: $15.95

Creative stick activities include a rocket ride to the moon, dancing around the planets, rocking with the dinosaurs, using signal sticks to bring the planes back home. Each selection has narrated instructions.

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