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Item Price: $17.50
Item Number: MHDJ02CD

Join Dr. Jean and Mother Goony Bird, Dr. Knicker Bocker, Tarzan and the Monkeys and The Alligator on this fun-filled CD. Youll also enjoy Tooty Ta, Macarena Months, Days of the Week, Today Is Monday, Patalina Matalina, Love Grows and more.

Song List

  1.  Today Is Sunday
  2.  Monkeys and the Alligator
  3.  Tarzan
  4.  Elephant Song
  5.  Mother Goony Bird
  6.  My Mother Is A Baker
  7.  Dr. Knicker Bocker
  8.  Nursery Rhyme Tap
  9.  Miss Sue
10. My Hands On My Head
11. Tooty Ta
12. Days of the Week
13. Macarena Months
14. Weather Song
15. I Had A Bird
16. Patalina Matalina
17. Special Me