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By Jennifer Richard Jacobson. Andy Shane does not want to be in school or at morning meeting. He would much rather be home catching bugs with Granny Webb than sitting in class with know-it-all Dolores Starbuckle. Readalong CD & PB Book.

By Jennifer Richard Jacobson. It's Andy Shane and Granny Webb's unbirthday, and Andy has thought of just the right gift for Granny Webb: case to hold her beloved binoculars. Readalong CD & PB Book.

By Jennifer Richard Jacobson. Andy Shane does not want to go to Dolores Starbuckle's birthday party. It's on the same day as Halloween! But when someone is smashing pumpkins in front of her house, he plans to trick the tricksters. Readalong CD & PB Book.

By Doreen Cronin. The perfect spot is this way! Says Boom. The perfect spot is that way! Tweets Twitty. Snot is smartly silent. How will these three friends decide which way to go to find the perfect spot? Readalong CD & HC Book.

By Gary Soto. Chato, the coolest cat in the barrio, loves to party. So when he learns that Novio Boy has never had a birthday party, Chato, decides to throw him a surprise pachanga. Readalong CD & PB Book.

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By Gary Soto. Chato can't believe his luck. Not only is he the coolest, low-riding cat in East L.A. but his brand-new neighbors are the plumpest, juiciest, tastiest-looking family of mice to move into the barrio in a long time. Readalong CD & PB Book.

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