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Dance Club Music

Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: KIM9223CD

Kimbo Education offers large selections of children’s music and movement CDs and DVDs. We carry a variety of CDs and DVDs for different age groups, educational themes and special needs. Our products are fun learning tools that help get children involved in the classroom and at home. Our CDs and DVDs help teach literacy, fitness and educational curriculums such as character development, math and science. Teachers and parents can also improve speech and motor skills by incorporating Kimbo’s innovative products. Ask about titles that offer activities and helpful information for effective teaching techniques and improved learning.

Educational Dance & Exercise Products
Kimbo’s line of dance and exercise CDs are fun and motivating resources for brain-based and energized learning. A dance CD helps children appreciate the importance of being active and living healthily while having fun doing so. Dancing also encourages children to interact with one another, which increases healthy socialization. Our dance and fitness categories target aerobics, marches and rhythms, musical play and yoga! These resources promote active learning and will help your students and children to be involved in aerobic routines, guided movements and coordination sequences.  

Choose among various dance CDs such as:

  • Feel the Beat
  • All Time Favorite Dances
  • You Can Dance!
  • Everybody Dance!
  • Folk Dance Fun

Our dance collection includes music for different styles of international dance, salsa, swinging, Motown and more! Our product variation ensures that you can find any style of music and type of dance for movement activities, motor development, coordination skills and even cultural awareness.

Dance Club Music
Our collection of exciting kids’ dance music includes Dance Club Music, which features various types of music from funky and groovy sounds to classical and techno tunes. Dance Club Music’s fun kids’ songs on the album are diverse and unique to provide an array of music to move to.
The versatility of this club mix music makes it very useful for multiple genres of dance. The music flows well from one tempo to the next. The original and motivating pieces will spark original and motivating warm-ups, center work, across-the-floor combinations and choreographic ideas. From “Funky Fitness” and “Break Beat Boogie” to “Classical Connection” and “Jazzy Jazz,” there’s a genre and style of music to fit every mood!

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