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Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: EA974CD

By Hap Palmer
A colorful variety of musical styles make basic addition and subtraction facts easy to learn.Ãà Each song focuses on a skill or problem solving strategy including counting forward and backward, adding and subtracting one, doubles facts, doubles plus one, skip counting, combinations that equal ten and fact families.Ãà

Song Titles:
1. Count Up, Count Down
2. Naming Numbers
3.  One More, One Less
4.  Doubles Facts
5.  Add One To The Double
6.  Switcheroo
7.  Skip Count
8.  Two More, Two Less
9.  Ways To Get To Ten
10. Ten Plus
11. Make Nine Into Ten
12. All Aboard To Add and Subtract
13. Counting By Twos With the Odd Numbers
14. The Five Seven Twelve Family
15. Five Ate Thirteen