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CHOO CHOO TO THE ZOO Creative Movement and Play

Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: KIM9187CD
All aboard....follow the animal parade. This fanciful and fun CD is rich in opportunities for creative play and simple exercises, both so important for a young child. Children will be dancing elephants and three little bears; gliding swans and flapping-our-flippers seals; big balancing elephants and stretching and roaring lions; they can even be tree-topping giraffes saying hi to bouncing, branch-swinging monkeys! Then everyone will join the "fancy-dance" parade as they make their way home -- before waking up gently from all the dreamy fun.

AGES: 3 to 7
ISBN-10: 1-56346-139-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-5634-6139-2

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