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 Character Development

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Let's make special memories & sing about moments that are important in a child's life. Whether it is about their 1st day of school, flying a kite, gardening with Grandma, or learning to count money, kids will relate to these 12 songs.

Yes I Can! Songs
"Yes, I Can!" Songs
Item Price: $15.95

RONNO helps children believe in themselves! Selections touch on emotions, conflicts, listening, responsibility and more. Guide with lyrics included.

Laugh 'n Learn Silly Songs
Laugh 'n Learn Literacy Songs
Item Price: $15.95

Humor is a great tool for increasing attention & memory. Introduce literacy skills with music & a little humor into the curriculum with zany songs. Accompanying guide includes brain information, literature connections, lyrics & more.

Fun 'N' Friendly Songs
Fun 'n Friendly Songs
Item Price: $15.95

These positive RONNO songs promote healthy values and attitudes. Includes "The Best Me," "Veggie Power," "I Will Be Your Friend," "Native Song," "Reduce It! Or Reuse It! Or Recycle It! and more. Guide with lyrics.

Joining Hands With Other Lands
Joining Hands with Other Lands
Item Price: $15.95

""Miss Jackie"" Introduces children to the customs, culture and language of other lands. Guide with lyrics and activities. Ages 5 to 8.

People In Our Neighborhood - Ronno
People in Our Neighborhood
Item Price: $15.95

RONNO introduces children, 4 to 6, to community helpers and workers. Songs about doctors, computer programmers, astronauts, construction workers, teachers and more.

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