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Bill Janiak

Early Childhood Educator and Consultant

Registered Music Therapist, Bill Janiak has created movement and recordings for Pre-Kindergarten, Early Childhood, and the physically challenged. He has also keynoted and presented numerous North American Conferences throughout The United States and Canada since 1968.

Favorite Workshop Topics

1. Music Time and Movement Activities - Group ParticipationThe Left Family, Blackboard Activities, Name Symbols, Unmeasured Sound Games, Stories w/Participation, Concept Chants, Sit Down and Up Activities, Dances without Directions, Everyday Sounds Around Us, XYZ Symbols, Color Symbols. Click here for more info. 

2. Rainy Day Games - Group Participation: 
Active Learning Games, Indoor Activities, Language Arts Games, Relay Games, Stunt Games
3. Understanding Difficult Children, People and Ourselves -
 Personality Types from 2-6, Tricky Personalities in Children, 20 personalities in children and us, Testing our ways of solving problems.
4. Nurturing Literacy for the Young Child -
Examples through Music, Demands of Teaching Reading and Why Children Struggle, What is Reading and its Components, Milestones, Domains of Reading,  Emergent Writing,  Linguistic Awareness,  Phonological Awareness, Comprehension, Writing Development, Letter Name Awareness.
5. Inclusion - Addressing Special Needs - Communicating with Children with Disabilities, Rights/ Legal Requirements, Developmental Disabilities Definitions

Bill Janiak’s "We Learn By Doing Workshops"
  47 Years of Professional Consulting and 65 Different Training's
      Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Artist
   19131 NW 39th Court
  Miami, Florida 33055
   Business: (305) 625-2128
    Fax: (305) 474-8136

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