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Item Price: $28.00
Item Number: BCP02CD

Intermediate Ballet Class
By Ahn Hyewon & J. Mijin
The 2nd ballet class from Korea with 59 minutes of 44 repeated original and classical piano melodies. Lots of music for exercises, 14 tracks for Allegro and 8 tracks for Pointe work.

Song List
1. Reverence
2. Warming-up A Freshman Young Chul Kim
3. Plie With You Ahn
4. Battement Tendu I (Slow) A Nice Morning Ahn
5. Battement Tendu II (Medium) Sunny Ahn
6. Battement Jete I Towards the High Ground Ahn
7. Battement Jete II The Light Steps Jeong
8. Battement Jete III Motive Ahn
9. Rond de Jambe a Terre On the Way to You Ahn
10. Battement Fondu My Olivia Ahn
11. Battement Frappe Please, Wait! Ahn
12. Petit Battement Spring Rain on the Roof Jeong
13. Rond de Jambe en L’air Slavonic Dance No. 3 Dvorak
14. Developpe You Are in My Arms Ahn
15. Grand Battement Go With Hoa Jeong
16. Limbering A Small Happiness Yul Ku Lee

17. Adagio Unanswered Love Ahn
18. Battement Tendu & Jete Picnic! Ahn
19. Rond de Jambe & Fondu Sad Memories Ahn
20. Pirouette The Wizard of Oz Ahn
21. Grand Pirouette La Source No. 6 Minkus et Delibes
22. Grand Battement Enjoy the Adventure- Ahn

23. Petit Allegro I Jumping Rope Jeong
24. Petit Allegro II Baby Rabbit Ahn
25. Petit Allegro III Oh, Dong Dong Jin Ahn
26. Petit Allegro IV Lovely Kyle Ahn
27. Petit Allegro V Dove’s Message Behr
28. Medium Allegro I Souvenir d’Orient Behr
29. Medium Allegro II Faith Ahn
30. Medium Allegro III Mazurka Ahn
31. Grand Allegro I Fly! Fly! Jeong
32. Grand Allegro II Spread Eagled Jeong
33. Grand Allegro III Fireworks Ahn
34. Grand Allegro IV On the Wings of the Wind Ahn
35. Tour I Cheerfulness Jeong
36. Tour II Don’t Stop! Jeong

37. Echappe High-heels Ahn
38. Ballonn
e Dragon-Flies Behr
39. Jete Fondu Symphony No. 5 in E Minor Tchaikovsky
40. Sissone Ouverte The Bubbling Brook Buot
41. Waltz I L’Aurore Boreale Henselt
42. Waltz II One Sweet Day Jeong
43. Italian Fouette In a Festive Mood Jeong
44. Reverence