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Item Price: $28.00
Item Number: BCP01CD

Intermediate Ballet Class
By Ahn Hyewon & Jeong Mijin
The first ballet class fom Korea with 53 minutes of 41 repeated original and classical piano melodies. Many unique melodies played in classical style are easy to follow with perfect tempos. Five tracks at the end of the CD are good for beginning pointe work.

Song List
1. Reverence
2. Warming-up Je te Veux E. Satie
3. Plie Memory Ahn
4. Battement Tendu I (Slow) Whistle Ahn
5. Battement Tendu II (Medium) Step by Step Ahn
6. Battement Jete I Donauwellen Walzer Ivanovici
7. Battement Jete II Tales from the Vienna Woods Strauss
8. Battement Jete III Capriccio Op. 1-24 Paganini
9. Rond de Jambe a Terre Opening-Jinseino Merry Go Round Hisaishi
10. Battement Fondu My Ana Ahn
11. Battement Frappe Hungarian Dance No. 5 Brahms
12. Rond de Jambe en L’air Piano Sonata No. 18 Beethoven
13. Developpe Un Souvenir Dete Barakatt
14. Grand Battement Giant Ahn
15. Limbering A Walk on the Clouds Jeong

16. Adagio When I Fall in Love Young
17. Battement Tendu & Jete Playground Ahn
18. Rond de Jambe & Fondu Fallen Leaves Ahn
19. Pirouette My Favorite Things Rodgers
20. Grand Pirouette Wind in the Woods Ahn
21. Grand Battement Fintan Waltz Koshka

22. Petit Allegro I Ping Pong Ahn
23. Petit Allegro II Galop & 8 Ecossaise Schubert
24. Petit Allegro III Bitte Schon Polka Strauss
25. Petit Allegro IV Marimba Jeong
26. Petit Allegro V Chase Ahn
27. Medium Allegro I Nuit et Jour Minkus
28. Medium Allegro II Melusina Behr
29. Medium Allegro III Le Poisson Dore Minkus
30. Grand Allegro I Der Schatzmeister No. 2 Ziehrer
31. Grand Allegro II Fly to the Sky Ahn
32. Grand Allegro III Der Schatzmeister No. 3 Ziehrer
33. Grand Allegro IV La Fille de Madam Angot Lecocq
34. Grand Allegro V Aida Grand March Verdi
35. Tour Tritsch-Tratsch Polka Strauss

36. Echappe Annen-Polka Strauss
37. Ballone Liebesgluck Walzer No. 5 Brenner
38. Sissone Ouverte Tales from the Vienna Woods Strauss
39. Jete Fondu Valestte Sanderson
40. Italian Fouette Festival Jeong
41. Reverence