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Baby Gym

Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: KIM9324CD

A fun-filled collection of musical play activities to help nourish a babys total development. Massage, rock, cuddle and sway your baby to familiar songs and nursery rhymes stimulating early development. Together, you will exercise muscles, enhance babys language and listening skills, increase attention span and memory, and encourage the development of babys creeping, sitting, crawling, pulling up and walking skills. This recording includes a collection of activities for babies 6 weeks to 7 months and additional selections for babies 8 months to one year.
Formerly, KIM9096CD - Diaper Gym.

Ages: 6 weeks - 1 year

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  • Rocking Horse (Ride a Cock Horse),  Soaring (The Skater’s Waltz)" data-type="mp3" data-url="http://kimboed.com/mp3/KIM9324CD/.MP3" data-poster="" data-free="false">