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Goofy, wacky and whimsical are all adjectives to describe the musical antics of The Battersby Duo. Beneath the faÃÃÃÃçade of silliness children get to use their imaginations, to read, to write and to become interested in literature through song and interactive theatrics. These songs offer honest, non-threatening glimpses into a childs world of understanding and imagination..

Song List::
1. Kids' Place
2. Pat Your Hands
3. Pelicans Fly
4. Mr. Mirror
5. Attilla The Fun
6. I'm A Germ
7. Is There More To Life Than Pizza?
8. Ode To Muswell Hill
9. The President's Song
10. The Apple Pie Song
11. Oh, My Teddy Bear
12. A Topical Tropical Day
13. Strangers
14. Let's Be Friends