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Item Price: $16.00
Item Number: RM05429CD

29 songs and rhymes to build early reading skills. Cathy teaches letter sounds through repetition and sing-alongs. Abbi Alligator, Eddie Elephant, Hiccups, Lee La Lay, Letter O Says O, Quack Quack, Tara Takes Tap, Wake Up Will, Vowel Family, X-Ray and much more.

Song List

  1.  Alphabet Jam
  2.  Adding Apples, Bouncing Balls
  3.  Letter A say a
  4.  Abbi Alligator
  5.  Bumpbibble Bump
  6.  Catherine Calico
  7.  David's Dancing Dog
  8.  Letter E says e
  9.  Eddie Elephant
10. Four Friendly Fish
11. Gary Gipponary
12. Hiccups
13. Letter I says I
14. Itchy Itchy Chicken Bone
15. Juicy Jelly
16. Kate's Kingdom
17. Lee La Lay
18. Macaroni
19. Nellie Knows a Nurse
20. Letter O say o
21. Ozzie the Optimistic Ostrich
22. Peter Piper
23. Quack Quack
24. Rock and Roll
25. Six Senoritas
26. Tara Takes Tap
27. Letter U says u
28. Upstairs Under Uncle Baily
29. A Very Small Vampire
30. Wake Up Will
31. X-ray
32. You're a Young Cowboy
33. Zany Zebra Zack
34. A apple a
35. The Vowel Family
36. When Y is at the End
37. Alphabet Jam