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Item Price: $28.95
Item Number: KIM1210CD

30 songs and activities teach initial consonant and vowel sounds. This double CD helps develop beginning reading skills and is appropriate for more experienced learners. Guide offers an action activity for each song that ties into a literacy skill. Alphabet in Action offers the perfect blend of sound and movement and will motivate children to actively participate, listen, and learn. Includes lyrics and recommended books for letter knowledge.

AGES: 3 to 7
ISBN-10: 0-937124-958

Song List

    CD 1
  1. Bounce the Ball for B
  2. The Soft C Sound
  3. I'm Thinking of a Word That Starts With C
  4. Dance for D
  5. Make a Funny Face
  6. Let's All Be Giraffes
  7. The Griddles
  8. The Haunted House of H
  9. Jump for J
  10. A K Walk
  11. The L Train
  12. Think M
  13. N Words
    CD 2
  1. Pass the Peace Pipe
  2. The R's Are Coming
  3. S Can You Guess
  4. Tommy Tells You To
  5. Very, Very V
  6. The W Song
  7. Yo-Yo Song
  8. The Short a Song
  9. Follow the Leader (Long A)
  10. March for the Short E Sound
  11. The Long E Sound
  12. Imagination (Short I)
  13. The Island of I (Long I)
  14. The Short O Song
  15. The Long O Song
  16. The U Hunt (Short U)
  17. Circle for the U (Long U)