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Item Number: BNP5000CD

By Nolwenn Collet

This bold and inspiring collection of melodies takes us on a trip through France. Many familiar songs like “Autumn Leaves” and “Under A Paris Sky”. 33 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.



1. Warm-up - The Blond Guy With a Black Shoe

2. Plies The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
3. Tendus My Two Loves
4. Glisses Gherkins
5. Ronds de Jambe and Port de Bras I Wish You Love
6. Fondus and Port de Bras Black Eagle
7. Ronds de Jambe en L’air A Beautiful Story
8. Frappes I Come Back For You
9. Petits Battements Sur Le Coup De Pied Maman, Papa
10. Developpes Blissful Alexander
11. Grands Battements and Cloches Pigalle
12. Jambe a la Barre My Way

13. Port de Bras Autumn Leaves
14. Adage Sing For Tomorrow May Be Your Last
15. Tendus I’m Alone Tonight
16. Tendus and Grands Battements Friends Come First
17. Centre Practice Corsican Tango
18. Preparation to Pirouettes Dancing In Java
19. Pirouettes en Dehors Last Memories from a Ball
20. Pirouettes en Dedans Minuet (Les Indes Galantes)
21. Pirouettes and Balances Under a Paris Sky
22. Assembles Soutenus en Tournant Small Written Messages
23. Poses Turns Happiness
24. Chaines My Uncle
25. Courus My Brother
26. Warm-up Jump What Are You Leaving Out?
27. Petit Allegro The Small Wooden Bridge
28. Petit Allegro Bransle of Poitou
29. Medium Allegro You Made Me Shy
30. Medium Allegro Jazz and Java
31. Grand Allegro 1 Padam Padam
32. Grand Allegro 2 Movie Theme from The Great Stroll
33. Cool Down and Reverence Something of Tennessee