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 Aerobics & Fitness

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Kimbo is the premier online resource for educators, librarians and parents to find movement activities for children that promote learning and physical activity while also combating childhood obesity and addressing common issues such as attention span and motor skills. We provide simply the highest quality music and movement activities on CD and DVD that will support your curriculum, enhance your library programs and provide an additional layer of learning to your home.

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Toddler Gym
Item Price: $15.95

Movement Songs for 1-3 yr. olds. Structured exercises invite children to move and be active. They will learn to listen & follow directions while they play, dance & move to a variety of fun music.

Preschool Aerobic Fun
Preschool Aerobic Fun
Item Price: $15.95

By Georgiana Stewart, Ages 3 to 6. This classic Kimbo title has long been valued for activities that help pave the way to aerobic fitness skills. Guide with lyrics and activities.

Preschool Gym
Item Price: $15.95

Fitness Fun for 3-5 yr. olds. Daily structured healthy exercise including stretches, dances, gross & fine motor activities, creative movement & marches. These action songs will develop healthy bones, muscles & joints.

Item Price: $19.95

By RONNO and Liz Jones Twomey
This outstanding DVD will help children thrive with daily physical workouts; featuring brain-based, guided movements that will stimulate whole-brain integration for better learning.

Good Morning Exercises for Kids
Good Morning Exercises for Kids
Item Price: $15.95

Ages 3 to 8
Help even young children become more fit. Start the day with easy, fun movement exercises. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

School Gym
Item Price: $15.95

Making Fitness Fun for 5-9 yr.olds. Get hearts pumping, lungs working, increase memory & concentration. Cool dances & aerobic routines are motivating workout breaks. Make exercise a daily priority for a healthier life.

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