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Kimbo's Activity Tip Page
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Kimbo CDs can be used throughout elementary school
to help your kids learn concepts and explore their creativity

By Cindy H. Clark, MMEd, MT-BC

You don't have to be a music teacher to incorporate these activities into your teaching! 
All you need is your favorite KIMBO CD!

ACTIVITY: Exploring Creative Writing with Music

AGES: 2nd grade to 5th grade

After learning a Kimbo song of your choice, invite some students to rewrite the song! The tune will stay the same, but the lyrics will be there own creative masterpiece! Have students pick a topic or select one for them (Thanksgiving, summer vacation, rocks and minerals, goals and dreams, etc.) Use a graphic organizer to aid students in brainstorming words and phrases to support the main idea of their song. Replace original lyrics with the student-written words, and a new song is born! (Think you can carry a tune? Try selecting one of the Kimbo songs with both the original song and an instrumental version of the song on the same CD. This way, you simply have to press play and let the kids song the new words!)

ACTIVITY: Summarizing Through Movement

AGES: Everyone!

Pick a story, poem or article to share with your group or child. Have students summarize the plot, main characters, and conclusion of the story.
Select a Kimbo song to fit the mood of the story - if it's a happy story, a bouncy selection from "Good Morning Exercises for Kids" would work; a selection from "Moving with Mozart" would be terrific for almost any story.
Pick students to play the main characters or divide a large into small groups, allowing each person to have a role.

The challenge: they have to act out the story! However, they cannot talk, and they have to show the entire story before the song ends. Summarizing has never been so fun!

The School Box carries a large selection of Kimbo CD's, Cassettes, and Videos.

These Activity Tips are by Cindy H. Clark, MMed, MT-BC. Cindy is a board-certified music therapist and teacher. She teaches at Meadowcreek Elementary School in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, Georgia and has been a part-time employee at The School box for two years.

The School Box can be found at ten locations in metro Atlanta, and one in Chattanooga, TN. The corporate toll-free number is: 1-800-257-7224. Please call for directions to your nearest store. The School box also offers a full-line educational materials catalog.

You are invited to visit the web site for the School Box at www.schoolbox.com.

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