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May 2008: University of New Mexico - Kimbo music now part of the Move 'N Groove Kit through CHILE.

Information contributed by Bridgid Junot, UNM Prevention, MPH, HS Associate Scientist I, CHILE Project

The Child Health Initiative for Lifelong Eating and Exercise (CHILE), a University of New Mexico research project, aims to develop, implement, and evaluate an obesity prevention program among American Indian and Hispanic children ages 3 to 5 enrolled in Head Start programs in rural New Mexico.

The project, is being implemented in sixteen Head Start centers in rural communities throughout New Mexico.

The CHILE intervention includes six components:
- Nutrition and physical activity-based curriculum for Head Start children
- Professional development in-service training for Head Start teachers
- Regular training and support for Head Start cooks and food service staff
- A home and Head Start-based program for families
- Inclusion of local health care providers as change agents and role models, and
- Community grocery store program to increase the availability and promotion of healthier food options.

The CHILE project acknowledges that some of the best ways to increase physical activity and children’s movement is through music. CHILE is pleased to work with Kimbo Educational in providing Head Start preschools with music and accompanying activities as part of a Move 'N' Groove Kit for teachers to use with their children. Teachers will be encouraged to utilize the Move 'N' Groove Kit as often as they can to help children release some energy throughout the day, to improve their gross motor skills, and to aid in cognitive development.

For more information about this project, you may contact the UNM Prevention Research Center:
(505) 272-4462.

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