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 Activity Songs - Kimbo

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Bean Bag Activities
Bean Bag Activities
Item Price: $15.95

Help children develop gross motor skills, increase balance, enhance directionality and right/left discrimination. Individual and group activities challenge kids while having fun. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

Me and My Bean Bag
Bean Bag Boogie
Item Price: $15.95

By The Learning Station. Kids want to boogie with their bean bag for fun and action. Cool music & creative bean bag activities will make this CD a sure hit as well as help kids improve their coordination, body identification & balance.

All aboard....follow the animal parade. This fanciful and fun CD is rich in opportunities for creative play and simple exercises, both so important for a young child. !

Circle Time Activities - (Theme-Based and Fun!)
Circle Time Activities
Item Price: $15.95

17 original and popular children's songs teach a variety of concepts in a fun way that will promote learning. Keep this musical resource handy for circle and transition times.

By Georgiana Stewart. Musical Activities and Games using the fun-filled toy, "The Hoppity Hop". Treat your kids to hours of fun, exercise and imaginative play. Ideal for developing gross motor skills and aerobic fitness.

Join the Rhythm Band Wagon
Item Price: $23.95

(Ages 5 - 10) 12 original songs ideal for your school rhythm band. Children hear the rhythm instruments while they read symbols on charts and play along. Includes 13 Mini-Charts and Guide.

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