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 Author, William Janiak, R.M.T.


Non-Rhythmical Symbols:

The following symbols are introduced one at a time to the whole class.

The first symbol (!) is placed on a whiteboard/blackboard = "Rub rub knees." Each ! gets rub rub knees. Do 4 times (‼!!).
Next add the second symbol x X X = clapping soft, loud, and louder. Repeat the first two symbols (! and x X X) before adding the third symbol: √√√√√√ = tongue clicking or 6 clicks. Repeat all 3 symbols. Fourth symbol is added: ^ = “shh” (pass index finger to lips and say a long "shh"). Repeat all 4 symbols. Add fifth symbol:│= one LOUD STAMP of the foot! Repeat all 5 symbols by helping point to each symbol and repeat the entire activity 3 times.

*This activity involves both "looking at the symbols" and "doing the action" at the same time. Children later can create their own sounds and their own symbols.

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