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Stories of American Patriotic Songs CD Download

Item Price: $15.00
Item Number: KIM8000DL

Authentic stories behind famous American Patriotic songs.

Encourage elementary-age students to engage with history. Children can first listen to the story behind each famous tune and then join in singing the inspiring song. Use this fun musical resource to enhance American History, Literature, Poetry, Classroom listening or group singing.

The instrumental second half of the album is ideal for assemblies, Independence Day celebrations, or a patriotic singalong!

A pdf guide is included with full album purchases. The guide lists song lyrics as well as narration and story information making this a helpful learning resource for students and educators.

Song List (Visit KimboEdDownloads.com to listen to music samples)

Vocal and Music

1. Yankee Doodle
2. The Star-Spangled Banner · Francis Scott Key
3. America · Samuel Francis Smith
4. O, Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean · David T. Shaw / Thomas aBecket
5.The Battle Hymn of The Republic · Julia Ward Howe
6. America the Beautiful · Katharine Lee Bates / Samuel A. Ward
7. I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy · George Michael Cohan
8. You're a Grand Old Flag · George Michael Cohan

Instrumental Only
9. Yankee Doodle
10. The Star-Spangled Banner
11. America
12. O, Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean
13. The Battle Hymn of The Republic
14. America the Beautiful
15. I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy
16. You're a Grand Old Flag