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Outer Space, A Musical Playlet: Pickles Means Pluto & Carnival in Space CD Download

Item Price: $15.00
Item Number: KIM9079DL

Two musical playlets: Pickles Means Pluto and Carnival in Space. They are ideal for elementary and special education because of the wide range of interpretation of the basic material.
Help teachers develop creative dramatics in their classrooms. The science fiction themes about outer space are an interesting way to reinforce science curriculum.
Included pdf guide (with full album purchase) contains the script and coordinating suggestions for movement and staging.
Grades 3 to 6
By Georgiana Stewart

Song List (Visit KimboEdDownloads.com to listen to music samples)

1. Outer Space Rock
2. Clean Up Time
3. Calisthenics
4. Space Walk
5. Planets
6. Pickles Themes
7. Meteor Storm
8. Carnival
9. Right Side Up, Upside Down
10. Rollin Round Abouts
11. Creature Parade
12. Meditations
13. Robot Contest
14. Outer Space Rock